Spoken English Program

The AASHA Spoken English program aims to improve spoken English skills for anyone seeking to achieve a higher level of English proficiency. Individuals who have completed Level 5 of the DRP program or have equivalent English proficiency are eligible to enroll in the Spoken English program.

Spoken English Program

English as a Life skill

The course is designed to teach English as a life skill. The curriculum focuses on developing receptive (reading, listening) and productive (speaking) skills through individual mentoring. Individuals completing AASHA DRP Level 5 or having an equivalent proficiency in English language are eligible to register for this course. Applicants will be assessed to determine their proficiency level before joining the course.

Making English a part of your life


● The course has 3 levels – Levels 1, 2 & 3
● Structured, easy to follow lesson plans
● Modular lessons
● Flexible timings
● One to one personalized tutoring
● Ample material for revision
● Can learn from the comfort of your home, office or during commute
● Commitment of 30 sessions of 40 minutes for each level

Program Objectives

● To be able to engage in informal conversation.
● To be able to communicate coherently.
● To be able to paraphrase and elaborate.
● To improve pronunciation, comprehension and vocabulary.
● To improve communicative English grammar.


The course builds skill through regular, consistent interaction in the language. Students are made to talk, listen, read, observe, practice, use tools like a dictionary, etc.

Teachers follow a lesson plan provided by AASHA that pays attention to aspects such as comprehension, expression, pronunciation, punctuation and vocabulary. Students are taught grammar fundamentals and practice correct grammatical usage of English language. The lesson plan makes use of forms of engagement such as routine conversation, discussion, narration, debate, etc. as tools to build the students skill and confidence.

Program Details

Number of Levels: 3
Number of sessions per level: 30
Contact Time: 3 sessions per week, 40 mins per session
Assessments per level: 3 + 1
Mode : Online
Requirement : Phone, Whatsapp

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