Kannada for all

Kannada for all


Kannada is one of the literary languages of South India and designated as a classical language of India. The Kannada language is written using the Kannada script, which evolved from the 5th-century Kadamba script. AASHA offers one-on-one online courses for conversational or spoken Kannada as well as written Kannada. We also offer group Kannada appreciation workshops in online and offline modes.

Spoken Kannada

This course is designed to teach Kannada as a life skill. The curriculum focuses on developing speaking and listening skills

What you will learn • Simple sentences for daily life – conversations with driver, maid, shopkeepers, giving directions, etc.
• Numbers, fractions, time, days of the week, etc.
• Names of vegetables and fruits, food, colors, parts of the body, relationships, etc.
• Communicative Grammar
Read & Write Kannada

The course is designed to get students familiar with Kannada script and to read and write the language. The curriculum focuses on developing receptive (reading, listening) skills.

What you will learn • Recognizing the Kannada alphabets
• Blending letters and reading words
• Vocabulary building
• Reading sentences
• Writing

The emphasis is on the student reading and comprehending the language.

Kannada Appreciation Workshop – “Kaun Banega Kannadiga”

This workshop is designed as an activity-based workshop which teaches Kannada through games. A minimum of 20 participants are required. The duration of the express offline course is 2 hours and the elaborate online course is 6 hours.

What you will learn • 200 commonly used words with meanings
• Nuances of Kannada Pronunciation

Program Details

Spoken Kannada

Number of sessions: 30
Contact Time: 3 sessions per week, 40 mins per session
Assessments: 3 + 1
Mode : Online
Requirement : Phone

Read & Write Kannada

Number of sessions: 30
Contact Time: 3 sessions per week, 40 mins per session
Assessments: 3 + 1
Mode : Phone, Zoom/Google Meet

Kannada Appreciation Workshop

Min number of participants: 20
Duration : 2 hours
Mode : Online / Offline
Requirement : Zoom/Google Meet for online


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