AASHA Infinite Foundation

Founded in 2013, AASHA Infinite Foundation is a not-for-profit organization working towards building independent reading and language skills in underprivileged children.

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Conscientious citizens find a platform in AASHA to empower the underprivileged

Our Mission

To develop language proficiency that provides access to opportunities for every child in India.

Our Vision

A literate India with equal opportunity for all.


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Our Volunteer Family

12A, 80G & CSR-1

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Each One, Teach One

Spare 40 minutes three times a week. Teach a disadvantaged child to read over the phone. From your home, at a time convenient to you. Join our volunteer base to educate, enrich and empower a child.

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What they think of us!

  • AASHA Infinite Foundation does amazing work in connecting deserving learners to volunteer teachers to expand the learning reach to communities in need of such support. Their forte is English & Kannada skills currently both needed to help further career opportunities for students and individuals. The material used for teaching as well as the assessments is very well designed to make sure quality education is imparted in the most optimal way. It has been my privilege to be associated with this organization for more than a year. I am proud to be working with Meera and her team of wonderful individuals empowering learners to achieve their aspiration.

    Shashikala Menon
    Volunteer / Head CTM Asia Pacific, IQVIA, Bangalore
  • We were slightly skeptical at first of how much of a difference AASHA could make at our school. However, looking at the attendance registers, we can clearly see that since AASHA classes started at our school, the attendance of students has improved. Also, most of them are now able to read their textbooks and understand them better.

    Teacher, Bommanahalli Government School, Bangalore
  • Nobody in my family could read, until my son Vignesh enrolled in AASHA’s program. Now he has taught me to write my name and to read my contacts on the phone. I am very grateful to AASHA.

    Student’s mother, Mysore
  • Being a retired Marine Engineer with spare time on one’s hands, what better way to spend it than teaching English to disadvantaged children selected by AASHA foundation. I have been teaching Haripreeth, a 12 year old who lives in Kethohalli, Tumkur, a remote village for the past 10 months. His school has been closed for over a year. It is a delight to teach him because of his infectious enthusiasm and keenness to learn. Kudos to the management and volunteers of AASHA foundation in this noble endeavor.

    Mathew George
    Volunteer / Ex-Commander, Marine Engineer, Chennai
  • Thanks to AASHA I received an opportunity to implement my love for teaching and have a positive impact on many students. It was fascinating to experience a learning environment in a classroom as a teacher instead of a student for the first time. I was also a teacher in the Distance Reading Program and completed over 100 sessions with my student.

    Hari Iyer
    Intern / Student, XII grade, Mumbai
  • After 30 sessions, Paras's mother was happy that he had started framing sentences and showed an interest in reading. He contacted his teacher when he had doubts. He was very happy with the sessions and wanted to continue learning with AASHA.

    Paras & mother
    Student & mother, Akola, Maharashtra
  • I am truly thankful that Sathvika got the chance to use her knowledge and help teach an underprivileged child. Now that she is taking part in preparing material for her student, she is understanding how difficult it is to multitask many things at once. Also, this is making her respect all teachers who are having to teach many classes at once. Most importantly, she is pretty satisfied as she greatly helped her student to read and write better.

    Rajiv Konkimalla
    Intern’s father, Hyderabad
  • One of our grade 3 students is a partially blind girl. She could not see the words in her text book and could not read but AASHA helped her by providing material with a large print, a magnifying glass and crucially, an individual teacher to help her learn to read.

    Teacher, Bommanahalli Government School, Bangalore
  • I always wanted to contribute to society and the underprivileged. During the lockdown I came to know about AASHA and was eager to join.I made some time and decided to enroll with AASHA. It’s been wonderful to be able to impact at least one child’s education. I am glad to be associated with AASHA and am humbled seeing so many fellow teachers doing such a noble job. Thank you AASHA for all the support. Seekhna ab hua Aasaan.

    Volunteer / Homemaker
  • I joined the Spoken English Course from Aasha Infinite Foundation. I learned so many new things from this class. I like all activities. After joining this course my English speaking skills have improved. Before I hesitated to speak in English but nowadays I am getting comfortable with English. Before when I needed to frame sentences I would think in Marathi and then translate it into English. But now I am able to frame sentences without translation. This class helped me boost my confidence. I started reading English newspapers and watching English video clips. Also I started having conversations with my friends in English. This class also helped me improve my grammar skills.

    Riya Manohar Nar
    Student / Homemaker, Mumbai