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The success of our programs depends on external funding. Please support us with donations in any of categories below

Pustak Daan / Rs.500
Sponsor printed learning material for an underprivileged child

Mobile Daan / Rs.1500
Sponsor a mobile phone to enable a disadvantaged child’s learning journey

AASHA Daan / Rs.2500
Help us keep the lights on and the show going by contributing to our operational expenses.

Phonics Teacher Training / Rs.6000
Sponsor phonics teacher training program at a government or low income school

Community Learning initiatives / Rs 10,000 for teaching aids, 5000 for student material, 10,000 stipend for community leader for a period of 4 months and a batch of 10 students.
Donate towards any of AASHA’s community learning initiatives

Wire Transfer Details

AASHA Infinite Foundation

Account No: 053594600000510
IFSC code: YESB0000535
YES Bank, HSR Layout, Bangalore Branch
Paytm: +91 9167833567

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All donations to AASHA are eligible for exemptions u/s 80G of Income Tax Act 1961. Aasha Infinite Foundation is registered as a Public Charitable trust and CSR-1 approved (Registration Number CSR00017352).
We are currently able to accept donations only in Indian Rupees from residents of India only as per FEMA guidelines.

Donate to AASHA

Our work is a lifeline for hundreds of needy children and students who have enrolled for our programs from all corners of the country.

AASHA’s mission of improving opportunities for every child in India is possible only with an all-inclusive philosophy, approach, and effort. Some of us are devoted to this mission full time, some support us part-time and few others are silent financial contributors. While the spirit of making a difference is the same in all, financial support is critical to sustaining this noble journey.

Our reading programs cater to children of different ages and levels and are completely free for the underprivileged.

Help spend on materials, books, access devices, etc. for disadvantaged children, initiatives such as Community Learning Center development, Community Leader Program, etc. as well as simply keeping our organization running and improving & scaling up our programs.

Paid programs and contributions from generous individuals and organizations like you make our work possible. We’d like to reach out to many more children – something that is only possible through your generosity.


We are thankful to current and past donors :

Funding Programs

Community Learning Centre / Community Leader Program

We develop Community Learning Centres / Leaders in local communities where students are taught the Aasha course. This involves expenses such as the salary of the Community Leader, expenses towards books and stationery, etc.

Rural Government School Teachers Training

This program aims to improve the English language capability of rural government teachers or low-budget private schools. They are taught the basics of Phonics and are supported in teaching the same to their students over a year across the school.

Online Learning

Help children learn the English language via the online mode on a one-on-one basis.

Workbooks for Rural Govt. Schools

Support by picking up the cost of the workbooks.

General funds

You can fund the regular expenses incurred towards volunteer transport, couriers, prizes for various competitions, storybooks, etc.