Phonics Program

The AASHA Phonics program systematically teaches reading demonstrating the relationship between sounds and letters. We teach over the phone and in person. AASHA also provides Phonics teacher training programs for teachers and parents.

Phonics Program

The Power of Phonics

Teaching Early Learners to Read

This course is useful for parents and teachers who would like to learn to teach reading through phonics. Our course is based on the synthetic phonics methodology which takes a multi-sensory approach to phonics. Each sound is introduced accompanied by an action to help the child identify the sound and activities to reiterate the concept.

Phonics Teacher Training Program for school teachers and parents

Program Objectives

● Identify the 42 sounds
● Ability to blend two and more sounds to make words
● Ability to decode any given word
● Tricky words also known as sight words
● Alternate sounds and words
● Learn to read 200 words


● Recognize letter sounds
● Blending sounds together to make new words
● Identify the sounds in words
● Tricky and difficult word pronunciations

The course teaches you to teach this method through stories, action, and sounds using the multi-sensory approach of ‘Synthetic Phonics Methodology’. Learn the sound-to-symbol connection and the techniques of blending, decoding, spelling.


● 42 sounds
● Alternate sounds
● Sight words
● Storytelling Sessions
● Lesson planning


● Curriculum planning
● 3 months of consultation
● Mentoring for implementation of the program across the school
● Assignments on WhatsApp and personal mentoring
● Professional Development Certification on course completion

Program Details

Phonics (Early Learner)

Number of sessions: 30
Contact Time: 3 sessions per week, 40 mins per session
Assessments: One assessment at end of course
Mode : Online
Requirement : Phone, Whatsapp

Phonics Teacher Training

Number of sessions: 15
Contact Time: 1 hour per session
Assessments: One assessment at end of course
Mode : Online / offline
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