Founder - AASHA Infinite Foundation


Meera is a passionate, energetic leader who brings all her resources and commitment to the cause of creating opportunity through language education. Meera wears many hats at AASHA but as CEO her main goal is to expand AASHA’s reach, to keep students engaged and learning and to enable ordinary citizens to contribute and create a positive impact.

Through AASHA Infinite Foundation she hopes to build things of lasting value and make a difference in many lives, particularly those of young children, who need a helping hand. Meera has a B.A(Sociology), M.A(Literature) and has worked as a writer, editor, radio artist, television anchor and teacher.

She is also trained in Montessori, Phonics and Early learning pedagogy. She speaks several languages, is passionate about language and being born and raised in Karnataka, loves Kannada.


The Birth of AASHA

Meera Raman’s story would have followed the typical route of an urban, middle-class woman but for her longing to accomplish something in life. Her inborn communication and language skills led her to work in print media, radio, television and teaching. At every stage of her life, through all her various roles and responsibilities, she kept her passion for language alive.

Among other things, Meera taught her maid’s daughter English. As a direct result of this, the young girl landed a dream job in a swanky office. This completely transformed her family, opening up new horizons. She became a role model in her neighborhood, inspiring her friends and siblings to take more interest in their studies. The seeds of AASHA were sown when its founder saw first-hand the impact that learning English had on a young girl’s life. Acquired English skills helped her land a job that transformed her life and opened new horizons. Clearly English skills could be life-changing for the disadvantaged. This was the first in a series of events that changed the course of Meera’s life.

The other event was Prime Minister Modi’s rousing speech on Teacher’s Day about the paucity of teachers in the country. He called out to educated citizens to help in nation-building by sparing at least an hour a week to teach the disadvantaged. It moved Meera to action and gathering a few like-minded friends she began classes in a neighborhood park in Mumbai. They began with 3 students and 2 teachers but soon the scope of their work grew and AASHA was born.


CSV Ramana Kumar

General Manager, Corporate Treasury at Wipro Limited.

Over 30 years experience in financial markets, as a Trader, Fund Manager and Treasury Manager


Dr A. G. Harikiran

Professor and Head, Public Health Dentistry, at D. A. P. M. R. V. Dental College, Bangalore.

Primary Investigator in research projects with WHO, Japan, Johns Hopkins Institute of Global Tobacco Control, and Roswell Park Cancer Research Institute.


Arun Arkalgud

B.E, M.S - BITS Pilani, Masters in General Management, Harvard University, Engineering Manager at Rally Health.

Member of the development team that built Weblogic Server, Coherence and the cloud infrastructure at Oracle.