Volunteer with AASHA

Make a Difference!

Volunteering offers all of us the joy of giving back to society. At AASHA we have created a platform that allows people to immediately start making a difference in a young child or fellow citizen’s life. Signing up with us is quick and easy and comes with its own rewards.

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization

The large majority of our volunteers teach

If you are proficient in English or Kannada and would like to teach but have no prior teaching experience, don’t worry – we will provide you with the requisite resources and guidance to get started.

Many volunteers contribute in other areas too such as design, learning, administration & coordination, event organizing, social media, IT skills, etc. Please sign up if you’d like to volunteer your time and effort with us in areas other than teaching as well..

At AASHA we value our volunteers and it is our constant endeavor to step up their learning through our volunteer enrichment programs. We regularly hold phonics training sessions, verbal and non-verbal communication training, storytelling / public speaking /teaching workshops, etc. We love to hear what volunteers have to say and encourage volunteers to write or speak about their learning and experience at AASHA on our blog and Social media channels. AASHA awards a community work certification for volunteers who complete 100 hours.

So join hands with a like minded group of people and lend a helping hand to those who could use it!

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