Our goal at AASHA is to make learning and teaching language, easy and fun

Language skills are critical for individuals to unlock their potential and succeed in life. At AASHA we believe that every child deserves an equal opportunity and children from underprivileged backgrounds need a little extra help to access these opportunities.

In India, English skills provide access to opportunities and many low income schools have English as a medium of instruction or a second language. English can be quite a challenge for first generation learners and their teachers and at AASHA we help to address this challenge.

Kannada is another language that AASHA is focused on. Our Kannada teachers help build conversational and written Kannada skills.

Program Objectives

At AASHA the needs of the target group guide the development and format of our programs.

AASHA’s English programs enable organic acquisition of language for non-native speakers where English is the second or third language learned. Our reading program was created after considerable research and is based on a holistic approach to language learning. Upon reviewing various methods of teaching and textbooks and their efficacy for AASHA first generation learners, the gaps we observed prompted us to chart our own course. Courses on curriculum development from Azim Premji University and training courses from Jolly Phonics UK prepared us for our work of creating and curating a suitable curriculum and quality teaching material from the beginner level to more advanced, functional use of the language.

AASHA’s Spoken English and Kannada programs are primarily meant for adults seeking to develop functional language skills and as such focus on practical language use and interaction.