Read / Write Kannada

Learn to read and write Kannada from the comfort of your home in 30 days.

Read / Write Kannada

The alphabets are taught phonetically making the learning easy and allows beginners to pick up Kannada with great speed.

Indian languages are phonetic but are taught by rote and learning is dependent on constant memorization, taking years to learn to read and write. In our program, letters which are frequently used are introduced first, in line with the synthetic phonics methodology.

This will enable you to read and write words from day 1. You quickly progress into reading and writing simple Kannada sentences.

Learn 5 alphabets and 15 words each session

Build a usable vocabulary by understanding the meaning of the words taught

Recognize, read and write 49 alphabets and 150 words in 10 sessions

Ample revision and reiteration is integrated to lay a concrete foundation of the concepts

Progress from reading and writing words to sentences and small simple paragraphs, in 30 sessions

Duration of program : 30 sessions

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